Gone is a fashion editorial published in the October issue of Superior Magazine, available in digital or print.

I wanted to celebrate the beauty that you can find in the ends. A night that nears the dawn, a love that ends, the innocence of the youth are all incredibly beautiful, so frail and feeble in time. The decadence of autumn and the nature that constantly reminds us of the passing of time are so powerful that I wanted to celebrate them.

Gone is an editorial that matured with time. Born as a simple and easy floral shooting for the SS season, we had to change plans and postpone it a bit… a month or six. But that was time well spent, because I got the chance to evolve the idea and change it in something more elaborate, something with more depth.

As you can see from the moodboard, the original name of the editorial was Halcyon. It’s an archaic word that denotes a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy (we ended a bit further). When I envisioned this shooting I had just came back from assisting Lara Jade’s Workshop in Milan and I was heavily influenced/inspired by her style. I wanted to make something similar. Looking back now, it was way too similar.

Luckily, as I kept adding and deleting pins, the moodboard shifted and in the end we kept the floral elements, but with a darker mood…

Once we settled on a mood, it really sank with us. Working together with Cristina and Rachele we decided on a very simple but effective styling and makeup. Cristina’s taste tends towards all things ethereal and romantic, so it was a perfect fit for the mood. Rachele adapted very well to the mood and even if her makeup was very subtle, she continued to correct and perfect between each look. I tend to be a perfectionist in post, and with their meticulous work they really saved me a lot of time!

Choosing the location was pretty easy: I had already worked at CROSS+STUDIO during Lara Jade’s workshop, and I literally fell in love with their selection of studios (unlike the typical aseptic studio, theirs are fully furnished and designed in different styles: Factory and Industrial have a metropolitan look, Classic is a gigantic full white studio, Bridge has a modern taste and so on…). At this point of the production I already had in mind what kind of color grading I wanted to make, so I chose Liberty, which had brownish/warm colors combined with grey/colder colors.

Interestingly, even if I varied a lot with angles and poses, the shots I “saw” during the shooting closely reflected the final ones.
(Also: I definitely don’t know how to use an instant camera).

I knew that makeup would take around an hour, so I had two hours to shoot six looks: twenty minutes per look. So, during the first hour, I quickly decided and tested the “sets”: six different spots where to shoot, and what kind of lighting each spot needed. I already studied the space from the photos of the studio, but seeing a location in person is different. I had to make some quick adjustments at the beginning of each look, but the obvious key was preparation.

Shooting day was an extremely hot and humid (and hot) day. The short trip from the metro station to the studio nearly killed my team. But as I booked only three hours for the studio, we had to get ready as fast as possible.

Luckily Rachele is a great professional and switched to full makeup mode in a very short time, and Elaine, our beautiful model, was from Texas, so she wasn’t really affected by the heat.

Honestly, the shooting part all a blur, but we manage to follow the schedule and I’m extremely happy with how it turned out! This was definitely the fastest editorial I’ve ever done (coincidentally also one of my favourites so far). And I can say for sure that without my team it wouldn’t have been possible.


Model: Elaine @Boom Models Management
Styling: Cristina Biella
Makeup: Rachele Leoni