I Am “You”

Hello everybody! How are you?

Lately I spent a lot of time reflecting about my “brand” and my “target market”. Up until now I’ve been all over the place but I’d like to focus more. I know that I love fashion photography and I know that I like shooting campaigns and editorials. And that’s what I’m going to concentrate on.

The fashion world is an extremely competitive and image driven one (obviously). It's alive, evolving and everything is interconnected. I felt I wasn't representing myself in the right way. 

That’s also why I’m going to “rebrand” and begin using my chinese name from now on: Chen You (陈佑)! Until now you’ve all known me as Eugenio Chen (or Eugenio You Chen, that is still my legal name), but this is more catchy and easier to use both for me and for my clients (Chen is the surname and You is the name, if you’re wondering). How is it: easier, more difficult, indifferent? Let me know what you think about it!

And… that’s all! These next months I'm going to work on a few big projects, so I won’t publish much but expect BIG THINGS!